Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by. This shop has items we use in our everyday ministry with our clients. All of the brochures and fliers have been created by me or my team and all of the proceeds of all purchases go directly to the work of Promise of Life Network. 


I hope you enjoy exploring this store and my prayer is that these items can be a blessing to you. If you have any questions or are looking for additional resources please let me know!


You can choose to download the free resources either with a donation of $5 or adding the promo code FREERESOURCES.

The items provided here are used in our ministry and we want to share them with you for you to use at your discretion in your pregnancy center. They are not a substitute for the oversight and guidance of your medical director. Before using any of these in your pregnancy center or other ministry please have them reviewed by your leadership.


One of our greatest joys is sharing the Gospel message with our clients. For some of the individuals we work with, the message of God's love for them is brand new and receiving a full Bible can be overwhelming. To meet these needs we have begun offeri