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Sarah discovered her calling to pro-life work at 12 years old during a competition at church. She was trying to win the prize for having read the most books - and nonfiction books were awarded twice as many points as fiction. Sarah picked up a book on the horror of abortion and it broke her heart. At that time she believed that surely people would see how awful abortion was and the fight would be over before she was old enough to participate. Unfortunately, as we know, the battle against abortion is far from over.

Sarah was homeschooled and graduated in 2005 and then attended Geneva College. She graduated in 2009 from Geneva with a bachelor's degree in Human Services and a minor in Business. Part of the graduation requirements were fulfilling a 270 hour internship at a local human service agency. Sarah searched for a local pregnancy center and ended up at the Pregnancy Resource Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Already married to her husband, Anthony, Sarah became pregnant with their first child shortly after completing her internship. She continued volunteering while staying home with their son, Tommy. During Tommy's first year, she became the part time assistant director of the Pregnancy Resource Center. Two years later Sarah and Anthony welcomed their second son, Eli. Shortly after Eli was born, Anthony was permanently injured at his place of work and Sarah became the full time Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center. Her task was to successfully merge the organization with another pregnancy medical center, Alpha Omega Center.

A few months later, in January 2013, the merge was complete and Sarah became the Development Director of Alpha Omega Center. In 2014 she was promoted to Executive Director of Alpha Omega Center and she has been serving in that role ever since,

Sarah's heart is still breaking over the tragedy of abortion, and her resolve has only strengthened as she continues to serve in this ministry. Her prayer is that, through her writing and speaking ministry, others will be called to stand against the evils of abortion, mothers and their families will find the courage to choose life, and that America will once again become a nation that honors all life - born and unborn.

Sarah currently lives near the New Castle office of Alpha Omega Center with her husband of 10 years, Anthony, their four sons, Tommy (9), Eli (6), Zeke (5), and Jonah (3), and two cats (Justice & Liberty). Sarah loves getting her family engaged in the ministry and integrating her family and work life.  She and her husband believe that raising their sons will be the most important pro-life work they ever do.

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