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How are we, as believers, supposed to act on our pro-life beliefs if we don't know what that means?

This material, Courageously Pro-Life, is a twelve-week Bible study/Sunday school/small group study designed for believers who know that they're pro-life but also know they need to do more about it.


This twelve week journey will use core Scriptures, history, and anecdotes to guide you through topics such as:

  • The Sanctity of Human Life

  • Abortion

  • Eugenics

  • Euthanasia

  • Apologetics

  • Choosing Life in Tough Circumstances

  • Teaching Our Children & Teens

  • Personal & Community Application


This study contains 88 individual resources and 144 endnotes referencing peer reviewed studies, books from all perspectives, and historical works. 


If you allow it to, this study will change you and your church, and help you to become more courageously pro-life.


Below you'll find packages and bundles to help you save money. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the ministry of Promise of Life Network! You should plan for each individual or couple in the class to have a copy of the student guide, and for each person responsible for teaching to have a copy of the teacher guide. 

Local pregnancy centers have the opportunity to sign up for a group number. Churches and individuals ordering under this group number will have 10% of their purchase price donated back to their local pregnancy center. Does your local pregnancy center have a group number? If not, call them and have them contact us! Setting up a group number is free for them.

*At Promise of Life Network our main focus is ministering to mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy and their families. Because of this, we only ship books once a week. Thank you for your patience! If you are outside of the United States and interested in purchasing the curriculum, please message me so we can work out the details!


"Sarah combines powerful research with an effective communication style to create a game-changing curriculum. Color me impressed!"

—  Kirk Walden, Advancement Specialist, Heartbeat International

Curriculum Anchor
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