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Discussing abstinence is hard. Why stop having sex? Who cares? What if I don't believe in God? To further complicate matters, some of our clients depend on sex to stay safe, fed, and cared for. Often, abstinence brochures will focus only on teenagers, or only on the negative physical side effects of sex. "What if I Just Stopped?" is a new way to present abstinence. This brochure doesn't use any buzzwords and it takes a fresh look at good reasons to stop having sex. Clients of all ages and sexual orientations will find helpful information in this brochure and your team will have a new teaching tool as they work to create a culture that saves sex for marriage.


If you would like your brochures customized with your logo and information, please select this item. Then, email your files (.png or .jpg file) and information to If you just need to add some information, please use the custom info box provided on this page. Please include an email to which we can send the final pdf.


We will email you the pdf of your brochures and you can verify that your information is how you would like it and then print them at your favorite print shop!

Customized What if I just Stopped Brochure

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