Is the Church Really Ready to End Abortion?

What happens without abortion? Babies. Babies happen. Are we really ready for that?

If you know me, or my writing, you know that I am passionate about life. You also know that I believe that the universal Christian Church, every believer in Christ, is the answer to the problem of abortion.

Are nonbelievers, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, et al. an important part of the pro-life movement? Yes, and I think we need to make space for them. However, I look at it this way. When my kids make a huge mess with their friends I expect my kids to clean it up. Should their friends help? Well, yes. They made the mess too. If they help, that's great.

The reality is, though, I hold my own children to a higher standard. Regardless of how much of a mess their friends made, and whether or not they want to clean it up, my kids are cleaning it up. In fact, I expect to see my kids putting forth more effort than anyone else while graciously thanking the others for helping.

Brothers and sisters, we made a mess. A BIG mess. Whether or not we actively participated, we watched it happen. This is our responsibility. Dad, our heavenly Father, expects us to take point on cleaning it up.

A lot of us are thrilled about the new pro-life laws that are popping up. YES, we want abortion to be outlawed. YES, we want to see mothers choose life. YES, we want to see babies saved.

But, are we really ready? What does a post-Roe world look like?

Babies are awesome. Why wouldn't we want more of them? What's your problem, Sarah???

When, because it is becoming clearer every day that it's going to happen, Roe v. Wade is reversed what happens? Well, its hard to know for sure, but this is my not-a-legal-expert opinion.

Some states are very clearly going to be extremely pro-abortion and some are going to be extremely pro-life. The majority, as always, are going to waffle around for awhile until they figure out what they are. Our job is to do our best to ensure that our states end up on the pro-life side. It will be a hot mess, and believers need to be ready to make phone calls, lobby, march, protest, and write letters. Above all, we need to vote. Register yourself, your grandma, your Aunt Edith, and your best friend and encourage them to VOTE.

Note of clarification, ENCOURAGE them to register and help them if they need it. Do not go around impersonating people.

Once the dust settles, we'll know where we stand and what to do. Then, we get to work, right?


That is what everyone will want to do, but is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. We need to get to work NOW and prepare for the best case scenario in our state. For some of us, we already know what that means. In states like New York it will become even more of a fight. Not only will pro-lifers need to work against abortion in their communities, they'll have to consider abortion tourism - women from other states coming into New York just to get an abortion.

What about other states? States where abortion could become illegal, or extremely restricted, what do we do? How do we prepare?

Frankly, we need to step up our game.

If legal abortion ends, there will be more babies.

More single mothers, more babies born addicted, more babies born with developmental delays or other challenges, and more children in need of foster and adoptive homes. Having more live babies and fewer abortions is a GREAT thing, but we can't pretend that it has nothing to do with us. Let's look at some numbers from Pennsylvania to see what the picture would look like for us:

In Pennsylvania, in 2017, there were just over 30,000 abortions performed.

Are we, Christ-followers in Pennsylvania, ready to help with 30,000 more newborns?

87% of those abortions were performed on unmarried women. Are the men in our churches ready to step into the gap and act as a father figure to 26,000 children? Are they ready to walk alongside young men who don't know how to be a dad or how to treat their baby's mother? Are they willing to invest countless hours in mentoring young men in their communities?

Almost half of these abortions were performed on women from minority communities. Are we ready to accept 15,000 children into our homes and churches that don't look like us? Are we willing to adopt or foster children when its obvious that they aren't our biological children? Are we willing to foster friendships with single moms who may look different than we do or come from a different cultural background?

She is beautiful, but are we willing to learn how to manage different hair? Different colored skin? Are we OK with potentially awkward, or even hurtful, comments?

810 abortions were performed on girls younger than 18. Are we ready to see 810 teen moms struggling in the grocery store? Are we, the Church, ready to help them finish school, provide for themselves and their child, and perhaps provide a foster home for them and their young baby?

(Sidenote: yes, girls in foster care get pregnant. There aren't enough homes for teens in general, much less pregnant and parenting teens. Can you fill that gap?)

Honestly? We aren't.