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Part one of two - Chrissy's Story.


Pictured is her ultrasound, taken at 15 weeks by Alpha Omega Center.

"We were so excited when we found out I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage earlier in the year and we were so sad. I was thrilled to find out I was expecting another baby.

Then, the pain started. I had daily, almost constant, migraines that were so awful I couldn't get off the couch. My anxiety skyrocketed. I experienced horrible nausea. I could barely take care of myself and I was worried about how it was affecting my older daughter.

I was seeing doctors constantly, one of them said I was the worst case they had ever seen. Throughout the pregnancy, abortion kept coming up. I was in such bad shape, I didn't know what else to do.

Finally, one of my doctors told me I had to have an abortion by the next Friday. Otherwise, there was nothing else they could do."

Part two of two - Chrissy's Story.

"I talked a lot to Alpha Omega Center, and to Sarah, and I knew I couldn't have an abortion. I was scared, but I was going to do whatever it took to keep my baby safe.

Marley just turned one. She is my little angel. We love her so much. What I went through was so hard, the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am so glad we have her in our lives.

I want to use my story to encourage others. Maybe you're facing difficulty with your pregnancy. Maybe you don't know what to do. I want to tell you that it's worth it. Marley was worth it, I can't imagine my life without her."

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Chrissy's Story
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