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We're Hiring!

Come work with us!

Did you know that Alpha Omega Center is currently seeking to fill a paid position? I won’t repeat the details here, you can find out more on our website.

Can I share something with you?

I am always mildly surprised that we’re not flooded with applications as soon as we open a position.


Well, the pay isn’t great. I’ll admit it. You don’t get awesome benefits (although you do get vacation!) and we don’t have one of those snazzy nap pods. But, you know what? This open position puts someone in a unique position to effect incredible change in our community.

Right now, we're looking for a Client Care & Community Advocate. This is someone who works directly with abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable clients. This person gets to meet with young women (and their families/partners) in distress and walk with them as they choose life. They get to see their faces, learn their names, and see their babies on ultrasound scans. They get to intervene during an intense time of crisis and help a difficult situation become something beautiful.

Of course, not all clients choose life. That's tough. But, this person will be there to love on the mother and offer her the hope and forgiveness of Christ. This individual could be the first person they call when they realize they made a terrible mistake and they need help.

Most importantly, this individual will get to talk to each and every person about the love of Christ and how to find peace with God.  What could be cooler than that? You don’t have to go out and find people to share the Gospel with; they walk right up to our doors!

Further, they will have the opportunity to go out into the community, meet people, build relationships, and tell them all about what we do. Don't worry, we will supply you with plenty of cool giveaways and brochures.

Here’s the real kicker. You would get paid to do this!

This is most of our awesome team! Not pictured are our Development Assistant, Rhiannon and our Nurse Practitioner, Julie. The cute one in the center with the glasses is Mickayla, she is leaving us to work full time in counseling! We will miss her!

Not only that, but you’ll be joining a dynamic team that supports one another. We like each other so much we even hang out outside of work sometimes! We pray for each other, encourage each other, support each other, and love each other.

I’ve worked here since 2008 in various roles. I love my job. I don’t get why people hate Mondays, because I get excited about coming into work. Sure, I love weekends and vacation, too – but I am always ready to jump right back into saving and changing lives.

I joke sometimes that the benefits of working here are mostly eternal. You know what? Even if we were paying a million dollars a year with stellar health insurance and unlimited vacation (spoiler alert: we’re not) that statement would still be true. Because absolutely nothing can compare to doing work saving and changing lives.

This is your chance to be part of a fun, energetic team that’s on the front lines of changing the world every day. Don’t pass it up.

Hey, maybe this isn’t a great time or fit for you – I get that! But could you do a favor and share this post? Let’s help the right person find this opportunity!

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