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Love Them Both

Often pro-life people, and Christians specifically, are accused of being “pro-birth". What does that even mean?

Well, to someone who disagrees with us, it means we're only interested in babies and we don't care too much about the mother (or anyone else for that matter). In fact, not only do we not care about the mother we don't particularly care about the baby after he/she is born either. All we want, according to them, is to say that a baby was born and then move on.

Is that true? I would say no, it isn't.

Pregnancy Help Organizations (PHOs) all across the country provide classes for mothers and baby items. Here at Alpha Omega Center, we will work with the families up until the baby turns four by providing diapers, wipes, baby clothes, furniture, etc. Some PHOs even provide housing, prenatal care, and adoption services if they're needed.

Speaking of adoptions, what about Christians in general? According to Barna Research, professing Christians are more than twice as likely as anyone else to adopt a child*.  In fact, 38% of all Christians seriously consider adoption.

Furthermore, Christian organizations worldwide (including Pregnancy Help Organizations) work to help families and their children. Not only are these organizations staffed by Christians, they're funded by other Christians. Many of them receive little to no state or federal funding.

Christ calls us to care for our fellow man, both before and after birth. The next time someone slings the accusation “well, you're just pro-birth” at you, stop them. Ask them what they mean. Then ask them to back up some of that rhetoric with facts.

Could we do better? Absolutely. I would love to report that 100% of Christians seriously consider fostering or adoption and that the majority of them decide to do so. I would like to say that every single mom feels welcomed when she enters a church. I would like to say that each and every one of us are doing our absolute best to show that we value all life.

Christians aren't perfect, we know that. We need Christ just like anyone else and we could do better than what we're doing right now to help those in need. The truth of it is though that if you meet a group of people that are busy doing God's work and helping others I believe you'll find that most of them are Christians, true Christ followers.

So are we pro-birth? Well sure, we like to see babies born. We don't stop there, though, we're in it for the long haul. We love them both, the baby and the mother. The next time you're faced with this particular accusation, show the person the love of Christ and ask them to join you the next time you volunteer at Alpha Omega Center, your church, your local food bank, or another ministry. They may just change their mind.

Changing Lives Together,

Sarah M. Bowen


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