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I Love Mondays!

Why does everyone hate Mondays?

Seriously. Every post, meme, or status is a complaint about starting the workweek again, can't wait until Friday, living for the weekend, etc.

I love Mondays.

Maybe that makes me weird (it isn't the only thing!) but I think they're wonderful. They're like a brand new jar of peanut butter. Isn't it great when you open a jar of peanut butter and its all smooth and fresh and nothing has happened to it yet?

That's what Monday feels like. Sunday is a beautiful reset button and Monday is new, smooth, and fresh. Ready for whatever happens or whatever comes.

I love unlocking the office and coming in to a still and quiet place. Nothing has happened, not yet. The air is charged with potential. How many moms will come in and make a decision? How many families will come for parenting classes? Which dads will meet with our fatherhood mentors?

What is stopping you from loving Mondays?

If you're dreading your workweek, living for the weekends, and hating your life Monday-Friday maybe it's time for a change. Spend some time with God and ask Him what He would have you do - because I am sure He wants you to love Mondays as much as I do.

We only have 70 or so years to make a difference in this world. God gives some of us more years, and some of us less, and He gives us all different talents and abilities. I believe He expects us to do something important, something impactful, with the finite resources He has given us.

What are you doing with what He has given you? You don't have forever. One day we'll be in eternity and there will be no more need for us to evangelize, or alleviate the suffering of others. There will be no more abortion, no more chance to protect the most vulnerable among us.

This life is your chance to change someone's world. Make something of it.

Are you looking for something meaningful and beautiful? Check out the open positions at Alpha Omega Center.

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