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Choosing Love in Shocking Circumstances

People are angry. They’re angry at the mom, angry at her family, angry at the system, and probably angry at God.

I don’t know what happened, and I don’t pretend to, but I wish we could have been part of her story. I wish we could have been there when she found out she was pregnant. I wish we could have walked with her through her pregnancy and encouraged her week by week. I wish we could have helped her find prenatal care and other services she needed.

I’m full of regret, but I’m not full of anger.


Because it’s not my place to be angry at her.

Something drove her to deny her pregnancy - to others and maybe even to herself. Something pushed her to deliver alone at home. Was she afraid? Was she in pain? And then something pushed her to cover up the birth of her child and perhaps even kill him.

She broke the law. Our own law, in this state and country, and the natural law that drives a woman to protect her children.

I’m grieved and overwhelmed. I pray that her baby didn’t know a moment of suffering. And I pray that someone will reach out to this young woman and offer her the hope and peace that can only come through Christ.

How can I do this? Maybe you’re thinking, “Sarah, you’re supposed to love babies! How can you feel this way?”

Every day I am confronted with women who chose to end their child’s life through abortion. If I became angry or enraged about their choice I couldn’t help them, I couldn’t love them.

Did this mother commit a crime? Possibly. I am sure the legal system will find that out. Is it my job to rant and rave about her, write cruel things, and wish ill on her? No. It certainly isn’t.

Instead of wasting energy hating and condemning her, I will focus on prayer. I will do what I can to reach out to other hurting women. I will be part of making sure this doesn’t happen again. That little baby’s life was inestimably precious. But, while mourning for him, I can’t forget that his mother’s life is no less valuable than his.

Changing Lives Together,

Sarah M. Bowen

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