Abortion Causes Pain

I read an article a day or so ago that has really been weighing on me. In fact, it brings to the forefront of my mind something that I think all of us, pro-life or pro-choice, can agree on.

Abortion causes pain.

The article I read (linked above) is about a young woman who, ironically, went out drinking to celebrate the "yes" vote in Ireland that repealed an amendment prohibiting abortion. As a citizen of the UK with many ties to Ireland, this young woman felt that this vote was a "leap towards equality."

As part of the celebrating, she became intoxicated, visited a friend, and they had sex. The condom broke, and she became pregnant.

This, to me, is where the story gets really interesting.

We have a young woman, 30 years old, who has always wanted to be a mother. As she lays on her bathroom floor, overcome with the shock of the pregnancy, she notes that "for the first time, I wasn't truly alone."

I believe that, in that moment, she bonded with her child. She recognized that her baby was a wholly distinct and separate human being. She also writes that she let herself imagine she would keep the baby. That the future felt exciting.

What happened? Why did she have the abortion?

She decided that if she wasn't 100% confident that bringing a child into the world was the "right thing to do" then it wasn't fair to the child. So, she had the abortion.

And, she is suffering because of it.

This young mother (because, she is a mother) bonded with her child, daydreamed about a future with her child, desired her child, and killed her child.

She (in her own words) forced down her instinct to nurture and love her baby and put herself through not just one, but two different abortion procedures. Instead of encouraging her to keep her baby and love her baby, her friends told her that they were "proud" of her for choosing abortion.

This story makes my heart break.


Well, first, because a baby was lost.

Second, and somehow a stronger feeling, a mother who could have been helped was hung out to dry. Society and her surroundings told her that abortion was the "right" choice. Now that she knows it wasn't, it's too late. No matter what happens, no matter how many children she has, no matter how lovely her life becomes, she will never forget this child.