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5 Ways to be Pro-Life This Week

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

We're all pro-life, right?

At least we say we are. What does it really mean though? We can vote pro-life once in awhile but how do we “do” pro-life every day?

I am glad you asked! Below are five practical ways you can be pro-life this week!

1. Help a mama out. Do you know someone in your family or church who just had a baby? Take her a meal, do her dishes, fold her laundry. Don't ask, she'll say no. Just do. Not sure what to do? Buy her a gift card to a grocery store like Giant Eagle or Wal-Mart. They have ready made food and groceries, she can get what she needs.

Don't know anyone like that? Ask God to send you an opportunity to help. Maybe you're in line behind a young mom – pay for her groceries. Maybe you see a young family out to eat, buy them a box of cookies or a baked good. You never know what you could be accomplishing!

2. Distract a baby in the checkout line. Usually by the time a mother (or father) is done shopping the baby / toddler is melting down and the parent is wondering why grocery stores don't have a helicopter service that airlifts food to your home. This can also be a challenge because the parent is trying to talk to the cashier, keep an eye on the prices that are showing up, and pay for everything. Depending on how far gone the baby is mom or dad is also nervously expecting judgment from fellow shoppers.

What can you do? Play peek-a-boo. Smile at the baby. Wave. One time a Vietnam Veteran engaged my son in a finger pistol battle to keep him happy while I loaded up my groceries. You'll be showing the parent that you value their child and saving them some hassle.

3. Visit a nursing home. We often think about babies and small children but we forget that all life is valuable. Nursing home residents are often lonely and bored. Go to the home and ask staff which residents rarely get visitors. Go by and meet them, introduce yourself, ask them their story. You'll be valuing life and making a new friend all at the same time!

4. Read a pro-life article. Go online and catch up on the latest pro-life news. While you're reading you may find a new niche you want to get involved in or a new way to help out. The landscape is constantly shifting and there are always new things to learn. Pray for the issue that you're reading about. God will honor your prayers!

5. Donate to your favorite Pro-Life ministry! Write a check, pick up a box of diapers, or fill a baby bottle. Ministries like Alpha Omega Center depend on the donations of individuals just like you! It doesn't have to be a million dollars, but make a gift that is significant to you.

There are lots of ways to be pro-life. What are some ways you can live out your pro-life values this week? Comment below and let us know!

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